On December 31, 2023, ClassFlow was sunset.

We at Promethean wish to acknowledge the enthusiasm that educators have had for ClassFlow over the years, and we value your continued interest in our lesson creation and delivery software.

We also want to make sure you are aware of the variety of Promethean software solutions and resources available to you.

Explain Everything

We are excited to introduce our next generation of web-based lesson creation and delivery software, Explain Everything, now part of Promethean. Create content, share information, and gain knowledge in an intuitive and engaging way. Educators and students alike will be excited and inspired by the innovative features and lesson creation options that are unique to this leading-edge software.


ActivInspire is Promethean’s recently updated, award-winning desktop lesson delivery software program used by educators to create and teach lessons that are interactive, engaging, and geared for breakthrough moments. Please note: the sunsetting of ClassFlow will not impact ActivInspire’s availability.

Additional Promethean Apps

Our Promethean Web Apps can be accessed for free by creating an account at one.prometheanworld.com. Explore some of our most popular applications – Spinner, Timer, and Annotate – from any web browser. Learn more about using the Promethean Web Apps, click the button below.

Learn Promethean

Learn Promethean is our free professional development website where educators can access a range of learning opportunities developed and delivered by Promethean’s educator team.

Please take a look at our ClassFlow FAQ document for additional information. If you need further assistance regarding the sunsetting of ClassFlow, please reach out to us at Promethean Support.